Members Rights

Member rights to information

  • Right to receive annual benefit statement  this statement should clearly show all accrued benefits
  • Right to receive a summary of the annual Audited accounts of the pension scheme free of charge
  • Right to question any anomalies within the audited accounts of the scheme
  • Right to inspect the registers of scheme, custodian or manager available at the Retirement Benefits Authority free of charge
  • Right to request for an investment report of the scheme funds, and to know the affairs of the scheme including any changes within the scheme

Benefits Rights

  • It is the right of a member to access benefits at retirement; the employer cannot deny you your benefits under any circumstances or assign your benefits to settle any claim including a loan  balance
  • It is the right of a member to receive pension benefits within 30 days after your retirement
  • Upon changing jobs the member has a  right to retain benefits within the former employers scheme or to transfer the benefits to a new scheme.
  • Member has the right to file a complaint or claim for a pension benefit for whatever reason with the Retirement Benefits Authority for investigations

General rights

  • Right to nominate a beneficiary of choice in the event of death
  • Right to instruct the trustees on the bank account where the benefits should be paid
  • Right to disclose any unusual and abnormal occurrences in confidence to the board of trustees or the Retirement Benefits Authority
  • Right together with other member to elect their representatives in the board of trustees for the scheme
  • If you are eligible, you have a right to the membership of your employer’s pension scheme