Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision:

“An inclusive, secure and growing retirement benefits sector.”

Our Mission:

 “To proactively promote savings for retirement in Kenya through safeguarding, supervising and facilitating the development of the retirement benefits sector.”

Overarching Goal:

 “Achieve 30% pension coverage with an asset base of 2.4 Trillion Shillings by 2024.”

Core Values

The Authority is committed to adhere to the following core values, for which the acronym RETAIN has been adopted:

  • Responsiveness: We shall respond effectively and in a timely manner to the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We shall conduct our work in an open and honest manner and be responsible for all our actions.
  • Integrity: We shall be honest, ethical and fair while delivering our services and not tolerate any form of corruption.
  • Innovation: We shall constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do and constantly apply creative ideas to meet our stakeholders’ changing needs and support innovation in the retirement benefits sector.

Our Quality Policy:

“Proactively promoting savings for retirement in Kenya by safeguarding, supervising and facilitating the development of the retirement benefits sector through

  • Commitment to Continued Excellence in Service Delivery;
  • Upholding Professionalism, Integrity and Sensitivity to Stakeholder Interests;
  • Operating a quality management system within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 Standard; and
  • Continually improving on the effectiveness quality management system.”

Objective of the RBA

  • Enhance surveillance of the sector by maintaining the overall risk score below 1.
  • Strengthen governance framework for schemes and service providers by issuing at least three guidance notes by June 2019.
  • Improve the regulatory framework by making at least two annual proposals on regulatory changes to the National Treasury.
  • Increase pension coverage from 15% to 20% by June 2019.
  • Promote and enhance member contributions and prudent investments through diversification and introduction of at least two permissible asset classes by June 2019.
  • Build confidence in the pension sector by increasing the level of customer satisfaction to 85% by June 2019.
  • Enhance the contributions of the pension sector to national economic development by increasing the value of pension assets to at least KShs. 1.02 trillion by June 2019.
  • Enhance the institutional capacity for efficient and effective service delivery by increasing the level of automation to 90% by June 2019.