RBA plant 1,000 seedlings at Ngong Road Forest

On 11 May 2023, Retirement Benefits Authority Chief Executive Officer Charles Machira led staff to plant trees at Ngong Road Forest. The Authority’s employees planted 1,000 seedlings, most of them indigenous and a few were exotic. 

Last year, RBA planted 1,200 seedlings in another part of the forest. The trees were planted in a one-acre piece of land Kenya Forest Service gave the Authority. RBA paid Ksh377,610 to KFS for the land and maintenance of the trees for three years. KFS asks firms which plant trees in its forests to also take care of the trees until they take root.

Performance contract 

During this contract period, the Authority will implement two (2) presidential directives and adhere 100% to presidential directives, circulars, and Executive Orders issued from time to time. One of the presidential directives is to plant and nurture 2,000 seedlings.

After planting 1,000 seedlings yesterday, in total we have planted 2,200 seedlings in the current contract period. This is because we had planted 1,200 seedlings in another part of the forest. 

Therefore, with 2,200 seedlings planted the Authority has exceeded the target of 2,000 seedlings.


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